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Intentionally “not town”, Tekarra Restaurant has been impressing guests from around the world with a fine dining experience since 1952. Mike and Cyndi Day, owners of Evil Dave's Grill, have gratefully hosted diners here since 2016. They love how the authentic, rustic character of the pine cabin showcases Executive Chef Dale Nutt’s food-forward, yet classically-rooted, menu and bar. 

Imagine walking your Moscow Mule out to the ridge to watch the Athabasca River roll by while Chef Dale cooks you his signature Rainbow Trout, or Bison Short Ribs for dinner. You eat and wildlife gaze at the same time. Later you tuck into dessert as the cabin lights glow warm, the stars peak through the pines, and the Rocky Mountains transform into a purple skyline as the sun sets. Your paper tablecloth is covered in crayon graffiti by everyone in your party – a take home memento of that perfect night you were out together. Your dining experience is complete.

Seasonal and Local


We proudly serve Alberta beef, elk, bison, wild boar and free run chicken

Our Chef and culinary team


Executive Chef Dale Nutt's "fresh is best" philosophy ensures everything is made in house

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Tekarra Restaurant

Tekarra Lodge, Hwy 93A S, Municipality Of Jasper, Alberta, Canada

(780) 852-4624


Breakfast: 7:30am-10:30am

Dinner 5:00pm-9:30pm

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